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The Waldlaubersheim Business Park is centrally located in Europe and has good highway access. Three important highways are located in the vicinity of the park, which guarantee quick accessibility to several economic centers: A61, which borders on the park (Koblenz 60 km, Ludwigshafen 65 km); the Nahetal connector A61/A60, which leads to the nearby greater Frankfurt metropolitan area as well as to the merger of B41; the Alzey connector A61/A63, which leads to the Saarland area and France. Site airports are the Rhein-Main Airport in Frankfurt, 60 km, and Hahn, 50 km. The Bingen railway station and Rhine Port (also located in Bingen) are just 10 km away.

There is good availability of qualified labor potential. :
Today's work force faces long commutes to the workplace.

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Marketing of acquired land properties is carried out by GGS.

The region offers a high standard of living which includes:
A healthy and natural living environment with attractive recreational activities, good infrastructure, short distances to cultural centers.
Located between the Rhine and Nahe rivers, the greater area of Stromberg offers more than just wine, woods and hiking. Aside from recreational activities such as golf, tennis, hot-air ballooning, jogging and parcourse facilities, fishing, a heated high-elevation open-air pool biking and hiking routes, German history and folklore are also solidly rooted here. On the southern slopes of the many wine villages along the Nahewein Route, one will find a variety of good-tasting wines to be enjoyed while getting to know the site.

A portion of the park has already been acquired by GGS. Accessibility to the remaining lots have been secured for the most part through GGS call options with the individual property owners.


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Gesellschaft für Gewerbeansiedlung Verbandsgemeinde Stromberg mbH (GGS)
(Corporation for Commercial Establishment Associative Community of Stromberg)
Ph. 0049-6724-9333-57